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No limits machine. The dream build of the Mobilgaz’s founder.

The off-road buggy started off as a fun activity with Stefan and a good friend of his back in 2011. Since then he has pushed the limits of different kinds of off-road machines.

He has always wanted to build a different and impressive machine, one that is memorable and can express its own beautiful character. He started the build in 2014 and named it TERI, a dedication to his wife and daughter.

Teri was designed to be light and fast. Giving the driver an unique sense of control and direct driving/handling feedback.


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Designing and conceptualizing this custom Off-road Buggy

We want to build a fast and impressive cross-country machine. Starting with the suspension we used an unequal double wishbone suspension, also known as Short Long Arm (SLA) suspension, utilizing the so-called “A-arm” control arms. The main advantage of using this is that it causes a change in the camber of the tires as the vehicle rolls, which helps to keep the contact patch of the tire square on the ground, which in addition to the Fox coil-overs will increase the cornering grip and overall speed.

For the brakes, we used 310mm brake discs from Kawazaki ZZR 1400cc and Wilwood 4 piston calipers.

In the rear-end, we chose а limited-slip diff core from BMW E36 and made a custom gear, which allows the connection to the pinion on the motor. The differential box is made from laser-cut 4mm steel plates, which we welded and assembled together.

Two-cylinder four-stroke Yamaha Super Tenere XTZ750 engine was chosen for keeping the weight low but still maintaining enough torque and power. The original 5-speed gearbox is used in addition with a custom gear gauge indicator.

get ready for a bumpy ride 

Over 14 years of experience and training in the Off-Road industry.

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With a military background, Stefan knows very well how to delegate and motivate people, work in a team and successfully manage and solve every kind of problem. During his military years, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science, in the field of microelectronics in technical university in Plovdiv , Bulgaria.

His interest in machines and technology began very early. As a young boy, he fabricated many of cars and airplane models. His passion for technology and innovation led him to leave the military and to make his own car shop. Where he has been developing and making numerous unique projects.

When he is not working in the shop, he is competing in different trophy championships with his custom made  Off-Road buggy.


Trophy Championship  –  2019

Runner-up in Bulgarian UTV

Trophy Championship  –  2017 -2018

Top 5 in Bulgarian UTV



Rainforest Challenge Bulgaria


Bulgarian national trophy cup


Bulgarian Rally Raid races







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