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ECU Programming & Tuning

  • ECU Master
  • Megasquirt
  • Link ECU
  • Apexi Power FC
  • Nistune

Engine Wiring

  • Engine harnesses
  • Chassis harnesses
  • Dash harnesses
  • Custom dashboards



Power Measurement

We can measure the power and torque output at the engine and at the wheels on your car.

Transmission Test

We can test your transmission and measure the power losses.

how it works

Our 2WD Hub-Dyno couples directly to the wheel hubs. Therefore, there are no traction losses as it may be the case with a roller dynos especially with very powerful vehicles. Having this directly coupling, a very precise measurement can be performed. The engine power is calculated by applying a controlled load to the engine and measuring his RPM

power Measurement

You are curious how much power your engine is producing? You want to know the transmission and gearbox losses in your car? After making three to five runs the wheel torque and engine RPM are measured. Having this information engine power and transmission losses can be estimated.

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Prepare and bring your car

Make sure that there are no oil or water leakage and your car is running properly before you bring it to our shop.

Power measurement

We will measure the power and torque your car is producing and you will receive a dyno-graph and if desired videos/photos from the dyno runs.


Reprogramming and tuning of an ECU is a very important and crucial task. Which is underestimated by most of the people. Done wrong it can cause bad engine performance but also can damage the engine.  A perfect ECU tune can only be done using engine dyno-room or chassis/hub dynos. Why? Because those are equipped with all the needed sensors (knock, lambda, cylinder pressure, ect.), data acquisition and measurement systems, which are highly needed for making of a controlled and precise tune process in a safe environment.

Our prices

power measurement

Engine and wheel power measurement

75 BGN

ECU tuning

ECU programming and engine tunning on the dyno

80 BGN/h

Rent the dyno

You can rent our dyno to set up and tune your engine


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